SAS Land Services Ltd

Agricultural Contractor & Drone Service Provider.

Drone Mapping & Aerial Imagery

Agricultural Mapping & Imagery

We offer all types of drone services from agricultural land inspection, crop mapping or scouting to construction site drone surveys, building inspections or renewable energy monitoring. Our team are also capable of aerial photography and videography if required.

All of our pilots are carry the necessary qualifications for safe commercial flight in the A2 open class. We are also fully insured for drone operations.

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aerial imagery
Lake construction

Construction Imagery

Construction sites are always changing and not always very accessible or dangerous to map in conventional manners.

Why not take advantage of new technologies and map your sites or take images of projects progress using drones and keep personnel safe and at a distance from hazards.

Aerial Inspection

Need to take a closer look at that high roof? Maybe you need to take thermal readings and make sure there are no hotspots or dangerous situations occurring?

We have a drone and pilot that can make these often hazardous or arduous tasks much easier, safer and quicker.


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