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Revolutionizing Land Management with Spray Drone Services from SAS Land Services in Berkshire

In the heart of Berkshire, SAS Land Services is at the forefront of innovation in land management, offering cutting-edge spray drone services. This advanced technology is transforming how agricultural and environmental tasks are carried out, providing efficient, precise, and environmentally friendly solutions.

The Future of Land Management

Drones have rapidly become a game-changer in various industries, and land management is no exception. SAS Land Services utilizes state-of-the-art spray drones to deliver top-notch service, ensuring optimal results for a variety of applications, including agriculture, forestry, and conservation efforts.

Benefits of Spray Drone Services

  1. Precision and Accuracy
  • Spray drones offer unparalleled precision, ensuring that pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers are applied exactly where needed. This targeted approach minimizes waste and maximizes effectiveness, leading to healthier crops and plants.
  1. Efficiency and Speed
  • Traditional spraying methods can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. Spray drones can cover large areas quickly and efficiently, reducing the time and manpower required for land management tasks.
  1. Environmental Sustainability
  • With precise application, spray drones help reduce the overall amount of chemicals used, mitigating their impact on the environment. This sustainable approach supports the health of local ecosystems and promotes biodiversity.
  1. Accessibility
  • Drones can easily access hard-to-reach areas, such as steep terrains, dense forests, or wetlands, where traditional equipment might struggle. This capability ensures comprehensive coverage of all land areas.
  1. Cost-Effective
  • By reducing the need for manual labor and optimizing the use of resources, spray drone services can significantly lower operational costs. This cost-effectiveness makes advanced land management accessible to more landowners and farmers.

Applications of Spray Drone Services

  1. Agriculture
  • From crop spraying to monitoring plant health, spray drones provide farmers with the tools to enhance productivity and crop yields. They enable precise application of fertilizers and pesticides, ensuring that crops receive the care they need to thrive.
  1. Forestry
  • In forestry management, drones can be used for tasks such as reforestation, pest control, and monitoring tree health. They help maintain the health and sustainability of forested areas, supporting conservation efforts.
  1. Environmental Management
  • Spray drones play a crucial role in managing invasive species, restoring natural habitats, and maintaining green spaces. Their ability to reach inaccessible areas ensures that all parts of an ecosystem are cared for.

Why Choose SAS Land Services?

SAS Land Services is committed to delivering high-quality, innovative solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clients. Our team of experienced professionals uses the latest drone technology to provide efficient and effective land management services. With a focus on sustainability, precision, and customer satisfaction, SAS Land Services stands out as a leader in the industry.

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Stay ahead of the curve with SAS Land Services โ€“ where innovation meets excellence in land management.

By leveraging the power of spray drone technology, SAS Land Services is setting new standards in the industry. Whether youโ€™re a farmer, a forester, or a conservationist, our advanced services offer a smarter, more sustainable way to manage your land. Embrace the future of land management with SAS Land Services in Berkshire.

Spot Spraying Map

We were asked by a local farmer who farms land within a SSSI area if we could use our drone to find and mark weeds for spot spraying using the farms own equipment, the answer was yes, of course we can!

Our drone imagery is of such a high quality that we can use our software and AI intelligence to locate, mark and then create a spot spraying map for all the areas where weed is located. This is then exported and sent to the tractor and sprayer and controls the sprayer nozzles through the existing ISOBUS terminal.

By utilising spot spraying and variable rate applications means only the areas needing treatment are sprayed, this results in large savings of chemical which in turn saves money. It also means that areas not requiring treatment are not sprayed and any wildlife or habitats are not harmed, it also means the run off risk is reduced or eliminated benefitting watercourses and fish.

The flights are easy to complete subject to weather and doesn’t require us to walk across the fields (unless we need to, to stay within VLOS range of the drone!)

Spot spraying maps will be an everyday part of farming in the future with more targeted applications, we are here to assist you in getting these maps produced and into your equipment.

The costs of the flights are usually more than covered through the cost savings generated through reduced chemical usage.

Contact us to find out more or book a survey for your own farm.

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Agricultural Drone Crop Services and Drone Fertiliser Spreading

We have been busy working away over the last few months to get our CAA approval to provide agricultural drone services.

Multispectral image of field

We now offer crop mapping and analysis services using both a multispectral drone or a crop scouting service by drone, using drones for agricultural crop mapping, scouting and analysis saves time and man hours as well as provides multiple insights into how the crop is doing, any pests, diseases or water problems as well as variable rate prescription maps for tractors, sprayers and fertiliser spreaders.

We will also be offering a variable rate fertiliser or seeding service using modern agricultural spray drones across Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex, Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Herefordshire.

Spray Drone

All of our agricultural drone services are offered across Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex, Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Herefordshire.

Using drones can achieve savings across crop inputs as well as spot early signs of disease or pests, and in much less time than doing a similar job manually.

This means crops can be analysed more often and the inputs adjusted accordingly.

Contact us for more information or to see how we can help you save money on inputs and make better use of your crops.

Scrub Clearance Around Paddocks

Excavator site clearance in Berkshire

We were asked recently about how we could help clear back overgrown blackthorn, bramble and fallen trees that had grown over a number of years of little or no maintenance.

We used our compact excavator with a flail and tree shear to cut back, mulch and remove the vegetation as well as place the larger material into a pile for burning. Using the compact excavator and tree shear for the cutting and site clearance work was a safe and much easier process than doing it by hand, especially given the thorns, leaning trees and broken fences.

Another job well done by our experienced and trained team using the latest equipment.

If we can help you then please do contact us for a free quote.

More photos and projects are available on our Instagram or Facebook pages.

Aerial Mapping and Inspection by Drone

SAS Land Services offer aerial land mapping and inspection by drone for agricultural and environmental management purposes. We can survey 200 acres in under an hour and will provide plant health reports, digital surface models showing object heights and digital terrain models showing land heights without objects. An orthomosaic map is also created allowing accurate measurements to be made of distances or volumes.

We have the option to create 3D models or cut and fill reports enabling accurate calculations to be made for material movements.

We are fully insured for drone operations and cover Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Hampshire, Surrey, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and parts of Wales for drone operations. Please do contact us for advice or a free quote.

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Clearing Banks at Thurrock Services, Essex

We were recently tasked with clearing the banks on the edge of the slip road to Thurrock Services in Essex. Over time they had become substantially overgrown with brambles, long grass and small saplings.

We used a remote controlled bank mower with a forestry mulching head to cut everything down to ground level. The remote control allows the machine to work in locations where it is unsafe for a person to enter. It can work safely on slopes of up to 60 degrees and at distances of up to 150m from the operator so it was perfect for this job.

The banks are now clear and readily accessible for other companies to bring in their drilling machinery and carry out additional work in the near future.

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Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see more detail about what we can offer and have a look at previous projects we have completed.

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Ground Preparation at Heatherwood Hospital in Ascot

We were recently asked to level, prepare and reseed the ground outside Heatherwood Hospital in Ascot, Berkshire.

The ground was very wet but it was no problem for our 3t mini excavator and land rake which we used first to level and clean the area before spreading the wildflower seed. The area will be rolled later in the Spring to level down fully ready for the grass to fully establish. Another job expertly carried out by our team.

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Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see more detail about what we can offer and have a look at previous projects we have completed.

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Overgrown hedgerow reduction in Oxfordshire

Back in July we were contacted by Nigel Adams, a renowned hedgerow specialist who lives in Oxfordshire to talk about how we could help him to cut back and coppice some heavily overgrown hedgerows as part of the Watlington hedgerow project. The hedgerows in question had a number of hawthorn trees, many of which had grown beyond their healthy life stage and fallen over, some were covered in ivy and others had died completely.

We suggested the use of our mini excavator with tree shear to enable a fast, easier and safer dismantle of the trees as well as utilising the low ground pressure of the smaller machine. With a 200mm cutting capacity, the little machine and shear was more than capable of the task.

So, along came October and work commenced, we moved the machine to Oxfordshire for the duration and made the area safe. Nigel and another neighbouring landowner Paul were on hand with chainsaws to deal with any fallen or snapped trunks and to cut any remaining ivy from any of the trees that remained. We chose a few of the stable mature trees to remain within the hedge and trimmed these to make them safe and healthy again. Within just a few hours we had reduced a good 80-100m of hedge, something that wouldโ€™ve taken a good couple of days had it been completed manually.

Another couple of days saw the rest of the overgrown hedgerows reduced using the excavator and tree shear and the project completed. The hedge can now regrow naturally from the coppiced stumps to create a healthy solid hedge, any gaps from the dead trees will be replanted with new native species.

Many thanks to Nigel, Paul and The Watlington Environmental Group for the work and the chance to be part of this exciting project.

Overgrown Hedgerow Reduction

Over the past few months we have been tasked with many hedgerow reduction projects where trees and brambles have encroached over fences and into field corners. Had you ever realised how much land may have been lost over time as the vegetation crept in? Take a look below at some of the before and after images of a few projects;

Overgrown treesCompleted vegetation clearance
overgrown brambles in a field corner and edge of pony paddocks

We have also cleared back overgrown trees for horsebox access on various yards, below is one yard in Surrey.

This is just a small selection of some of our projects, if you have overgrown field boundaries or hedges then why not contact us to get them back into shape, this can usually improve the health of the hedge as well as expand its use to wildlife. The cut and mulched material is useful for bugs, Beatles and other small creatures whilst the new thicker healthier growth is better for bird nests and hiding places.

On top of that, any substantial wood is harvested and used for biomass, thus reducing fossil fuel usage, who knew just cutting a hedge could be so beneficial?!

Contact us now for a free quote and advice.