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Using Drones In Farming

Drones in Farming - Variable Rate Fertiliser Application Maps

Drones in Farming - Fertiliser variable rate application map

Drones and modern technology go hand in hand with modern farming techniques utilising the best of precision agriculture and bringing the detail down to leaf level accuracy.

Imagine being able to adjust your fertiliser usage to suit the crops worth nurturing and not waste expensive material on areas that are just not going to be worthwhile, using drone s in farming to conduct mapping for crop health and variable rate application maps this is all now possible with accuracies as low as 0.6cm/px if required, although the average ground sample distance (GSD) for our multispectral crop mapping is 3.5cm/px, this is a lot more accurate than the average of around 500cm/px that satellite data provides.

Drones in Farming - Targeted Herbicide Application Maps

Drones in Farming - Targeted herbicide application map

Using our high resolution drone imagery and AI technology we can now supply you with a targeted herbicide application map suited to your sprayer to only target areas with weed infestations and not spray any area that doesn’t require treatment, this offers both savings to you as a farmer or contractor as well as benefits to the environment in reduced wildlife impact or runoff causing pollution in local watercourses.

We are able to fly at any height up to 120m above ground level giving a variety of available accuracies dependent on the desired output and target size.

By using targeted herbicide treatment maps it saves both money and time when treating areas as well as a whole host of other benefits, the new SFI from the government also pays a rate to utilise targeted herbicide applications!

Using drones in farming

SFI And Variable Rate Maps

Under the new Sustainable Farming Incentive there are payments available to utilise both variable rate application maps as well as targeted herbicide applications.

These support payments will easily cover the costs of our services leaving some of the payment for the farmer as well as the additional cost savings from the reduced input use and increased yields.

More information on the SFI scheme can be found here

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