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Bramble Clearance In Overgrown Vineyard

One of our recent projects came after a call from a long standing client who required some bramble and vegetation clearance in a vineyard that we helped establish over 7 years ago. Parts of the vineyard had been overcome by brambles, gorse and small saplings which we were tasked with clearing the vegetation so the vines could be trimmed back into shape.

We used both our mini excavator and flail as well as the remote controlled mower to cut the brambles and saplings down to ground level and allowing access between the rows.

Some of the overgrowth was higher than the mini digger but the flail attachment made light work of cutting it down to size and mulching the vegetation material to the ground meaning now arising s were taken away.

Using our vegetation control machinery and our expertise we soon had the vine rows back under control ready for the specialist teams to prune and attach the vines ready for next years crop!

If you require any bramble or vegetation clearance then be sure to give us a call!

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Footing digging for house extension.

We are asked a lot for footing digging for both house extensions and new builds as part of our excavation and groundwork services. Here we have a quick overview of a few local jobs using our midi excavator to dig footings in back gardens with very small access through doorways.

Midi excavator digging footings, groundwork services
We had to remove the old patio before digging the new footings.

On most of the recent projects the first job involved removing the old patio slabs and breaking up the concrete base below. This is an easy job with the micro excavator and breaker and all material is moved to a location which is easily accessible by grab lorry for removal.

Once the services have been marked and dig marks set out then it’s time to start digging, thankfully the soil is easy to dig and all material can be transported away by small dumper. For the narrow access jobs we have a small tracked carrier which will fit through a standard doorway and makes material removal much easier and safer.

It soon becomes easy to follow the set out lines and excavate the trench down to the set depth for the footings but you need to watch out for those pipes, the joys of groundwork!

During the dig the building inspector from the local council takes a look and confirms the depth and soil type is suitable so we can just carry on and get them dug ready for concrete.

Finished footings ready for concrete

That’s it, job done and on to the next one! For more images or to see our other projects why not take a look at our Facebook page.

Paddock gateway repair

So it’s winter again and that means mud, lots and lots of mud! Read below about one of our recent paddock gateway repair jobs.

This was the case for one of our clients whose situation had gotten so bad they were unable to turn the horses out or even get muck to the heap, no problem though as our mini excavator and operator soon had the mud dig away, a hard base put down and smooth blinding material over the top making a very much needed improvement and immediately made the paddock usable again.

If you also have mud problems and need a paddock gateway repair then please do give us a call!

We have more images of our projects on our Instagram page. You can also see our other recent news here.

Shrub bed removal

As part of our vegetation management service we were tasked to some shrub bed removal which involved fully removing the old shrubs and their roots from a series of shrub beds around commercial office units in Oxford ready for the redesign and new planting, our 3t mini excavator was the perfect machine for this job along with a skip loading dumper to transfer the waste direct to a waiting skip for disposal.

We spent a few weekends over the end of 2019/ beginning of 2020 to complete the shrub bed removal work and used weekends to enable us free access to the areas whilst the cars from the office staff were not there.

Another great effort from the whole team at SAS!

We have many many years experience in these types of project from small gardens to large whole site clearance projects. You can be assured that our staff have the equipment, training and personal outlook required to achieve the best work possible.

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Riding track maintenance

As with most things in life, your all weather riding track also requires regular maintenance and repair, with which we can help!

With this track it was a simple case of pulling the sides back into shape after the wood chip had been thrown aside by general use, then finish off with a Harrow to make it as good as new again.

The whole project was completed in 1 day making it very cost effective.

If you too need your riding track or ménage maintained then please give us a call or send us a message.

As well as all weather surface maintenance and repair we offer paddock topping, harrowing and rolling as part of our equestrian services. We can also undertake paddock repair and full reseed work and hard standing maintenance.

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Local Pub Car Park Extension

A nice local project for one of the local pub/hotel companies to provide an extension to their car park for staff parking and install some concrete areas for placing wheelie bins on.

Our 3t mini digger was the perfect machine for this job and we had the whole project completed in just 2 days.

We can tackle any type of car park extension project as part of our excavation services, we can source local materials and where possible we always try to use recycled material, this can save costs as well as help the environment.

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Guildford Path Clearance

We were asked by a tree surgery company to help with some vegetation clearance work to enable a new wider and much improved cycle path and pedestrian footpath upgrade for Guildford council.
We used one of our 5t mini excavators fitted with a flail attachment to cut back all of the overgrowth and trees all down to ground level before the tree care guys used chainsaws to tidy up any flailed edges.

Below are some images of the project;

Work was completed in a very cost effective manner and in a short timescale, another job well done by our staff.

We are able to assist with all types of vegetation clearance and management work through Berkshire and the surrounding counties. We have excavators with tree shears and flails as well as tractors with mowers and hedgecutters. All of our teams have extensive knowledge and skills to carry out their jobs to a very high standard.

We also have a remote controlled bank mower which can have either a grass flail or forestry mulcher head attached for harder to reach areas.

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Reading Garden Landscaping

We were appointed by our loyal client to undertake a large garden landscaping project at their property near Reading.

In the first instance we needed to make access for our machinery and lorries delivering materials, the way in was through a fence and through a large vegetation covered soil bank.

The initial access clearance and larger excavation work was carried out by one of our 6t excavators, this opened up the area to allow materials and machinery access to the garden.

Once we had the area opened up we were able to strip the topsoil for later use, remove some old tree stumps and level the subsoil. Some sleepers were used to make an attractive raised lawn area where the soil from the swimming pool excavation was placed, levelled and the topsoil used to make a nice turf ready finish.

Our 3t mini excavator was used later on in the project to create garden paths, drainage and install water and electricity services to the new building and complete the garden landscaping!

You can see more of our projects on our recent projects page or on our Facebook page

Verge mowing in full swing

Well what a start to June with the wet weather and the bit of heat has led to a grass and overgrowth explosion, we have been busy cutting grass and trimming verges around the county to increase vision and keep it all tidy!

Here is a quick video of one of our tractors out cutting a roadside verge.