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Pond, Lake & Wetland Construction

Small Pond Construction

We can excavate and construct small, medium or large ponds within gardens, commercial buildings or open spaces.

For many years we have been offering pond construction as part of our general excavation department and have completed many ponds of varying sizes for lots of different clients

Small Pond
Lake construction

Large Pond & Lake Construction

We run a range of excavators and other equipment suitable for digging large ponds, lakes and reservoirs.

We have the ability to use technology to dig to the correct dimensions from the very beginning of any project to save on over or under digging and making any pond, lake or reservoir construction project economical and environmentally friendly.

Wetland Area Creation

Wetland areas are becoming an increasingly important part of what we offer and create wildlife habitats to encourage and support a diverse range of wildlife.

Typically now created as part of new housing developments and SANG areas we have been involved in a number of wetland construction projects over the last few years.

We are flexible enough to cater for small jobs and large enough to complete ongoing and large projects.

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Pond and wetland creation

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