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Hedge & Verge Maintenance

Hedgerow Rejuvenation Services

We are experienced in hedgerow rejuvenation and management, from cutting back old overgrown hedges to allow fresh, healthy growth to total coppicing of the hedge to allow fresh growth direct from the main trunk, we have the skills and equipment to rejuvenate any hedgerow.

We also offer hedge laying throughout the winter months to improve and strengthen hedges and provide strong, natural defences against weather and animals

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Excavator and tree shear

Hedge And Verge Cutting

As vegetation management contractors we have tractors with hedge cutters available to cut hedges, ditches, overgrown trees and verges throughout Berkshire and surrounding counties from our base in Bracknell. 

As part of our core service offering this is all second nature to us and our highly trained staff.

Some of our previous projects can be found on our Facebook page.

Ditch And Watercourse Maintenance

Since our founding, ditch and stream maintenance has been one of our core activities. We have machines of various sizes which can access areas where it may be harder for others to gain entry. This puts any task within our capabilities.

We also have excavators with tree shears and flails which are capable of removing vegetation from overgrown watercourses in a safe and cost effective way. This in turn keeps personnel away from hazardous places and increases health and safety.

Agricultural ditch digging contractors in Bracknell

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