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Excavator And Tree Shear

Excavator And Tree Shear

we have excavators  of various sizes between 3t to 20t with tree shear attachments available.

Our tree shears can cut every type of tree or branch with capacities of up to 200mm for the smallest to over 450mm for the largest meaning the biggest of tasks can be completed

Using an excavator and tree shear to clear vegetation or trees is a very cost effective route versus manual clearance and removes the need for manually cutting dangerous or thorny hedges

Excavator and tree shear

Cut trees and overgrown hedges quickly and safely.

If you’ve got large overgrown areas of vegetation then an excavator and tree shear is the most cost effective way to clear it and a job that would’ve previously taken days by hand can be completed in a matter of hours with a machine.

This method of site clearance also increases safety and removes manual workers from risky zones.

For any areas of small saplings, grass or brambles we also have our excavator and flail mower

Hedge Cutting Or Site Clearance

An excavator with a tree shear attachment is a very versatile piece of machinery, it can cut trees, lift tree canopies around fields or quickly reduce overgrown hedgerows easily and safely.

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Mini digger hire

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