Agricultural Services

Grassland Maintenance

As an experienced agricultural contractor who has been operating in the Bracknell and surrounding areas for over 20 years we have plenty of experience in grassland and paddock maintenance.

From topping, harrowing and rolling to overseeding and full reseeds we can help with any requirements.

Topping a grass paddock
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Hedge And Verge Cutting

We have tractors with hedge cutters available to cut hedges, ditches, overgrown trees and verges.

We’ve been doing these jobs since our very beginning and have cut hedges, river banks, reservoir banks, ditches, streams and roadside verges in all types of locations and conditions so not job is too big or small.

Ditch And Watercourse Maintenance

Since our very beginnings, ditch and watercourse maintenance has been one of our core activities, we have machines of various sizes to access areas where it may be harder for others to gain entry.

We also have excavators with tree shears and flails which are capable of removing vegetation from overgrown watercourses in a safe and cost effective way.

ditch digging

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