Agricultural Services

We have a team of people who have been involved with agriculture for over 35 years which gives us a wealth of knowledge for any project, take a look below and see what we can offer.

With over 20 years experience in agriculture and land management, field & paddock maintenance is one of our specialities!

We can offer general maintenance from topping, harrowing and rolling right through to full reseeds and heavy duty repairs.

Whether a small strip or hundreds of acres we have a cultivation option to suit.

We can offer ploughing if required or use more cost effective min-till options.

We have a variety of tractors and equipment at our disposal so any task can be completed in the best way that suits both your pocket and your soil

We can provide drilling operations for both grass and arable crops and have the ability to drill with power harrow/drill combinations, min-till or direct drill.

This provides an option for getting tasks completed in a variety of weather and soil conditions as well as clients preferences.

From paddock fencing for new installs or repairs to damaged fences then we are able to help!

We work on post & rail, electric tape/wire, stock net or horse wire and many other fence types.

We use machinery wherever possible in our fencing services to minimise time taken and cost to you.

Farm track and roadway repairs or installations are part of our regular maintenance tasks across farms.

We generally complete these outside the busy season unless required otherwise to minimise disruption to harvest schedules.

From car park building or maintenance through to building maintenance we have a solution to fit your requirements.

We have tractors and hedgecutters available to trim hedges and ditches throughout the open season.

Hedgecutters with up to 8m reach are available

We have tractors available to tow slurry tankers to spread either animal slurry or digestate slurry.

We can source digestate slurry if required too.

We can supply tractors and muck spreaders as well as loaders for any size muck spreading task.


Whether you require us to complete the whole task from mowing through to baling we can offer hay making services.

We can also offer standalone baling, bale wrapping and bale transport if these better suit your needs.

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