Green Waste Wheelie Bin Collection (Ascot and Windsor)



Book your Wheelie bin green waste or untreated wood collection online and we will come and collect your green waste and take to our recycling facilities. Collections are between 9.30 am and 3.30pm Monday to Friday, no collections will be made outside these hours.

Please note: We cannot accept or collect any green waste that contains Japanese Knotweed, if we arrive to collect green waste and find Japanese Knotweed in it then we will not collect it and you will forfeit your collection payment. We apologise for this hard stance but this is a dangerous weed and must be disposed of in a different manner.

Additional information

Quantity Of Waste (up to...)

2-4 Cubic Metres, 4-6 Cubic Metres, 6 – 8 Cubic Metres, Builders Bag, Christmas Tree (1 tree), Wheelie Bin


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