Paddock gateway repair

So it’s winter again and that means mud, lots and lots of mud!

This was the case for one of our clients whose situation had gotten so bad they were unable to turn the horses out or even get muck to the heap, no problem though as our mini excavator and operator soon had the mud dig away, a hard base put down and smooth blinding material over the top making a very much needed improvement and immediately made the paddock usable again.

If you also have mud problems please do give us a call!

Shrub bed removal

We were tasked to remove the old shrubs and their roots from a series of shrub beds around commercial office units in Oxford ready for the redesign and new planting, our 3t mini excavator was the perfect machine for this job along with a skip loading dumper to transfer the waste direct to a waiting skip for disposal.

Another great effort from the whole team at SAS!

Riding track maintenance

As with most things in life, your all weather riding track also requires regular maintenance and repair, with which we can help!

with this track it was a simple case of pulling the sides back into shape after the wood chip had been thrown aside by general use, then finish off with a Harrow to make it as good as new again.

The whole project was completed in 1 day making it very cost effective.

If you too need your track or ménage maintained then please give us a call.

Guildford Path Clearance

We were tasked to help a tree surgery company with some vegetation clearance along a cycle path improvement scheme, we used a 5t mini excavator and flail to complete the work. Below are some images of the project;

Work was completed in a very cost effective manner and in a short timescale, another job well done by our staff.

Reading Garden Landscaping

On this project we first needed to make access for our machinery and lorries delivering materials, the way in was through a fence and through a vegetation covered soil bank.

We used a 6t excavator for the initial works and will complete the project in the next month with our 3t mini excavator and landscaping rake attachment.