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Biomass Contract Chipping

We have our own woodchippers capable of producing fuel grade G30, G50 and G100 chip for use in biomass boilers from your own on site virgin timber and logs.

Our machine is fed by crane or mini excavator and can access small sites and chip directly into small fuel stores, large spaces or trailers.

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Biomass contract chipping
Landscape chip

Woodchip Supply

We are able to supply fuel grade chip for biomass boilers all dried to meet relevant specifications and available in various chip sizes.

We can also supply woodchip for play areas, arenas or for landscaping purposes.

Hedgerow & SRC Harvesting

We are fully equipped to cater for hedgerow harvesting projects and can use any hedge with a few years growth or even heavily overgrown hedgerows and create fuel grade chip, this can either be used in your own on site heating installations or sold off as a product to be used in other local or national biomass burning sites. By using the waste products for biomass use can contribute towards the cutting and chipping costs whilst also working towards a more sustainable energy future.

We are also able to harvest short rotation coppice plantations using our low impact machinery.

We are flexible enough to cater for small jobs and large enough to complete ongoing and large projects.

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